Sep 21, 2023

Stories from the Frontlines in Ukraine: Part 2

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Show Notes

Kristy Graham, host of On the Ground with Samaritan’s Purse, talks with Vera, a Ukrainian who has served on the frontlines with Samaritan’s Purse. Vera talks about the urgency of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At one point when Vera was on the frontlines, she felt convicted to know how to share the Gospel within 90 seconds using simple words. That would prove to be helpful in her ministry.

On a cloudy day, Vera was with her team delivering supplies to a nearby village. This village was less than a half a mile away from Russian soldiers. Vera prayed that God would blind the Russians’ eyes so they could carry out the distribution and travel safely home.

While delivering supplies to a house in that same village, Vera came across an elderly couple. The wife had recently passed away and the husband was hanging on by a thread. Vera got the opportunity to share the Gospel with the man because of how she had prepared.

“He is a 90-year-old man, but he can become a baby Christian whom we'll bring to Heaven.” —Vera

The physical needs in this life are constant, but salvation is immediate and provides eternal healing. Kristy asked Vera to share her 90-second Gospel presentation. She described that it is essential to show that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven.

“The Gospel is so simple. We want to complicate it, and we want to add to it and make it more and make it grand, but you're right. It is so simple.” —Kristy Graham

Since the war started, Ukrainians have lost the feeling of home. Home—which used to provide safety, comfort, and rest—has been stolen from them. Vera remarks on how she is thankful that as believers, our hope is placed in the Lord, and our eternal home is in Heaven.

Vera has had the privilege to witness displaced families receiving much needed essentials like food and hygiene items. A special way that she was able to love on families was through giving out Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. These families fled for their lives, so the last thing on their mind was bringing toys along for their children. Now, these children have something of their own to play with and enjoy.

One day, before going to a dangerous village on the frontlines, Vera read the passage in Daniel 3 about the fiery furnace. Recalling this story, she was encouraged even while waiting out a bombing in a cellar. Vera kept her fear at bay by singing hymns.

“I started thinking, What am I doing here. I could die. And then I had this thought: Haven't you read the Bible in the morning? Haven't you been warned that this will happen? You have. And you know what? Jesus is with you, even if you don't see it. And those couple of seconds, thoughts and decisions that were made changed me and my perception of the situation.” —Vera

Please continue to pray for Ukraine as the conflict is ongoing. Pray for our Samaritan's Purse staff and people like Vera who are still serving there. If you’d like to keep up to date with more stories on the ground, please visit