Making an Eternal Impact: Gifts for Families Around the World

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Show Notes

Each year, Samaritan’s Purse creates a Christmas Catalog that highlights various programs that meet both physical and spiritual needs around the world. Kristy gathered her kids around their kitchen table to pick out their favorite gifts—teaching them about the power of blessing others. After their conversation, Kristy heard from a few of our field staff to gain perspective on how each gift creates a ripple effect.

Drilling a village well, catalog item 24, caught the eye of Kristy’s oldest son. He expressed how he’s read stories of children in remote villages walking hours to get water. Kristy called Barry Jessen, the country director for Cambodia, to learn how drilling a well has the power to change a community. Barry tells Kristy incredible stories of entire communities being transformed by the Gospel—all because of a well.

“When you can get groundwater, everything changes,” Barry says. “When you drill a well, it’s not that you’ve drilled a well, and it’s finished. The well is the beginning of hope, it’s their ability to build a future. It’s the beginning of community getting stronger.”

Kristy’s middle son was drawn to the very first gift in the catalog: giving hot meals for a child. Due to COVID-19, he’s witnessed food programming shift in his school district to accommodate his classmates that don’t have access to enough food. Eric Huxley, the country director for Colombia, shared how his team regularly passes out warm meals to hungry families. As Colombia faces an influx of desperate Venezuelan migrants— people are hungry and suffering from malnutrition. Samaritan’s Purse manages a shelter to provide families a place to rest, eat a warm meal, and continue on their journey.

Kristy’s daughter, an avid soccer player, chose to give toward balls and sports gear. Alisa Quillah, the senior programs manager in Liberia, called in to talk about how the program brings Liberian communities together. Their active fellowship program gives children and youth the opportunity to grow together through sport, play, and fellowship.

“We’ve implemented this project since 2012 and have had well over 200 children accept Christ as a result. We’ve had countless stories of children and youth who’ve not only been impacted themselves, but really impacted their families through the lessons they’ve learned,” Alisa said.

Finally, Kristy’s youngest son loved to learn about the gift of a dairy goat, and all the ways it can give resources to a family. Robinson Masongo, the deputy country director for Kenya, explains that the goats can be used for nutritious milk and cheese and as a reliable source of income. The goats, called Gala goats, are white in color, resilient to climatic conditions, and resistant to disease.

“Giving these to a farmer, especially a poor farmer, shows that we’ve given a very valuable thing to someone,” Robinson explains. “That speaks about the Christian attitude to all the people who witness it: we are giving the very best to the farmer.”

The episode wraps with the creative ways Kristy is choosing to give Christmas Catalog items to her friends and family this season. It’s not too late to give a gift of hope this Christmas season! Gift items start at just $5, and they truly make an eternal impact.

Thank you for continuing to support and pray for Samaritan’s Purse programs around the world that meet physical and spiritual needs.

Samaritan's Purse gives between three and five goats to each beneficiary—allowing the family to get milk, cheese, and a source of income. Giving a dairy goat affects generations to come.
Samaritan’s Purse gives between three and five goats to each beneficiary—allowing the family to get milk, cheese, and a source of income. Giving a dairy goat affects generations to come.