Hearts to Serve: Volunteers Deploy Across the Country

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Show Notes

Samaritan’s Purse is deployed to seven disaster response sites across the U.S. to bring help in Jesus’ Name. From sifting through ashes in California to mudding out homes in Louisiana, volunteers are serving as the hands and feet of Christ.

The episode begins with Kristy’s conversation with Luther Harrison, the vice president of North American Ministries. Luther describes why volunteers are the lifeline of the ministry—showcasing their servant’s hearts to serve unconditionally. Volunteers minister to homeowners in need by showing God’s love in action.

Patti, who served in Alabama after Hurricane Sally, originally wanted to be a missionary overseas, but after she and her husband served with Samaritan’s Purse, they realized that their true calling was ministering to those after a disaster in the United States. During their first Samaritan’s Purse deployment, a 91-year-old World War II veteran (jump to time) accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. In that moment, they knew this was exactly what God wanted them to do.

While the coronavirus pandemic has forced the ministry to change and adapt to accomplish the work, Luther reiterates that volunteering is still a vital piece of the work.

“We’re trying to wake up the church. Through COVID-19, we’ve had to change our rules and the way we engage, but we have not stopped going.” —Luther Harrison, vice president of North American Ministries

Two best friends, Kerry and Susan, volunteer together. Mission work had always been on Susan’s mind, but she never got involved until Kerry helped sign her up with Samaritan’s Purse. While serving, they both repeat that they see God’s hand in everything they do.

“It’s such a blessing when I get to sit down with a homeowner and hear their story and what they’ve gone through. It makes you see that you’re not the only one to go through hardships and bad times. If God can carry you through it, He can carry anybody else through it.” —Kerry, volunteer

To volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse, no special skills or qualifications are required. Luther explains that God can use any time, talent, or ability—He just needs a willing spirit. Every volunteer is given the opportunity to learn new skills and serve in creative ways.

From learning how to use new tools to cooking meals for the crews, God can use anyone to make a difference, but the biggest impact is spiritual. Paul, a faithful volunteer, describes each deployment with Samaritan’s Purse as unspeakable joy. Volunteers offer a listening ear to hurting homeowners. They share the Gospel and tangibly show God’s love through their actions.

Through volunteers serving in these seven deployments alone, over 200 homeowners, neighbors and locals have made decisions to put their trust in God. Please continue to pray for homeowners experiencing loss through natural disasters. If you’d like to help bring critical relief to those in need, please visit our website to learn more.

Tune in to "Hearts to Serve: Volunteers Deploy Across the Country," to hear how Marie (left) witnesses the local church stepping outside their walls to help families in hurting communities.
Tune in to “Hearts to Serve: Volunteers Deploy Across the Country,” to hear how Marie (left) witnesses the local church stepping outside their walls to help families in hurting communities.

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