Tornadoes in Laurel, MS

Thank you for listening to the final episode of our U.S. Disaster Relief mini-series. In this four-part special, Kristy Graham has taken you to Chattanooga, TN; Seneca, SC; Monroe, LA; and now, Laurel, MS.

On a foggy Thursday morning in Boone, North Carolina, Kristy called Todd Taylor, a program manager for U.S. Disaster Relief, after he’s been on the ground in Laurel, Mississippi, for just three days. Over Easter weekend, a devastating storm-system demolished miles of Southern suburbs—leaving communities desperate for help. On Kristy’s phone call with Todd, they discuss Samaritan’s Purse response to provide help in Jesus’ Name. This is the first time the ministry has responded simultaneously in four different states.

“The headlines are still focused on the coronavirus, and Samaritan’s Purse continues to fight it. But it’s important that we don’t forget the families that are struggling from other disasters like these storms.” – Kristy Graham


The conversation hones in on the damage done in Laurel, MS, when Kristy asks Todd about the partner church helping mobilize volunteers. Hours after the tornadoes came through, the church and Samaritan’s Purse teams surveyed the area. Because of massive fallen pine trees and extreme forest damage, Todd compares it to the damage that he saw after Hurricane Michael.

Kristy asks Todd about the logistics that follow a family losing a home—compounding disasters like COVID-19 and tornadoes can create a sense of hopelessness. Samaritan’s Purse strives to provide physical and spiritual healing to those in need. Although the ministry is now working in five Southern states, Todd says that North American Ministries is prepared to respond in case of another disaster.

Kristy wraps the episode with a look into current updates of how God is working in five states affected by tornadoes. Todd asks specifically for prayer for safety in working with compromised trees. Please continue to pray that even through the masks, staff and volunteers will be able to show God’s love to homeowners devastated by the storm.

An Inside Look

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