Tornadoes in Seneca, SC

Thank you for joining us in episode two of our four-part series highlighting the U.S. disaster response teams after a major storm-system swept through Tennessee, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Today, listen in to the phone call between Kristy Graham and U.S. Disaster Relief program manager Keeth Willingham. Keeth and his team were deployed to the town of Seneca, South Carolina, following the deadly tornadoes that hit over Easter weekend. The paths of these destructive tornadoes were nearly 30 miles long, and killed at least nine people in South Carolina alone.

Keeth begins by expressing the importance of the worldwide Church banding together and serving despite the fears of COVID-19. He sees the tornado as an added burden to families already overwhelmed by the global pandemic. This is an opportunity to stand alongside the community and convey the message of God’s love. He and his team looked for efficient ways to help homeowners with the added safety restrictions—like having two teams work separately in the front yard and backyard of a damaged home.

“Again, we just keep watching God move in the hearts and minds of people to bring exactly what we need when we need it.” – Keeth Willingham

In their conversation, Kristy asks Keeth what the biggest needs are in the area. He shares that staff and volunteers continue to offer homeowners an encouraging word and a helping hand. Tune in to hear his stories of seeing God’s blessing in the midst of the devastation. Samaritan’s Purse is working to be Jesus’ hands and feet to those that are hurting.

Since day one of the response in South Carolina, Keeth said their teams relied on local churches to help mobilize supplies and volunteers in the area. Listen as he dives deeper into what he’s learning about trusting God in every circumstance.

“Trusting God doesn’t come with conditions. It’s a practice. He’s faithful to show up and show out. I feel humbled to be a witness to that.” – Keeth Willingham

To get involved, Keeth asks listeners to pray that his team will have wisdom and that the local church will be strengthened. We pray that the local church will continue to serve their community even after Samaritan’s Purse leaves. Thank you, listeners, for partnering with the ministry in prayer to help the devastated families in Seneca, South Carolina.


An Inside Look

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