In the News – Tornadoes in the South

This Easter weekend, a devastating storm system ripped through the Southeast. In this week’s “In the News” episode, Kristy Graham sheds light on how Samaritan’s Purse North American Ministries is responding in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Listen to the phone call between Kristy and Todd Taylor, an experienced U.S. Disaster Relief manager, to hear how the ministry is taking action to help hurting families.

When the phone call begins, Kristy asks Todd about the storm system’s distinctive path of destruction. Starting in Mississippi, a line of cyclones developed and tore through the southern region of the United States. This is the ministry’s first simultaneous response in four states.


Shortly after the storm passed, Todd said partner churches—all sharing strong ties with Samaritan’s Purse—were eager to help. As the churches opened their doors, U.S. Disaster Relief ensured safety modifications for volunteers, staff, and homeowners were soundly in place. Todd explained that the ministry is relying on local communities for day volunteers. While strictly following CDC guidelines, the four U.S. Disaster Relief sites are also limiting teams to no more than 10 people per job-site, providing necessary personal protective equipment, and enforcing cleanliness regulations.

Kristy and Todd discuss the volunteers who are choosing to serve their local communities. Because of the state stay-at-home orders, Todd mentions that many families now have the privilege of working alongside one another. Although new regulations are in place, God is working to meet needs beyond physical barriers. Listen as Todd tells stories of God’s faithfulness in the midst of the coronavirus and these disaster-stricken states.


“God wants His love known. As He stretched out His arms, we can’t touch, but He couldn’t touch on the cross either. We want to show the self-sacrificing love—with wisdom and precaution—that He showed.” – Todd Taylor

As the episode ends, Todd asks listeners to pray for the people in the storm-battered states. Please partner with us in prayer for those who’ve been affected by these tornadoes in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Inside Look

To get involved, Todd encourages those within driving distance to visit for more information.

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