Fighting Fear: Devotions with Edward Graham

As headlines about COVID-19 change every hour, Samaritan’s Purse is looking to help the hurting and broken. This week, Kristy Graham invites you to hear a special devotion from her husband, Edward Graham. Edward, the youngest son of Franklin Graham, brings encouragement through God’s word in a time of uncertainty and fear.

Edward begins the morning devotion by expressing gratitude for the men and women setting up the Emergency Field Hospital in Italy. He references a video featuring his father, Franklin Graham, talking about rushing emergency relief to Italy.

Listen as he thanks the staff, volunteers, and DART members for their dedication to go to the ends of the earth to help those in need. He lifts up prayer requests for the health of those serving in Italy and courage for our nation. Please partner with us in prayer for the boldness of the Church during times of fear.

“God has delivered us before, and He’ll deliver us again.” – Edward Graham

Edward talks about his career as an Army Ranger, and how he was afraid at times. Tune in as he recounts a story of when he was injured by an IED. He reminds listeners that being fearful is normal, but we must always cling to God’s truth. As Edward dives into Daniel 3:16, he focuses his message on the boldness of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – telling staff to walk in boldness and strength.

Thank you for supporting Samaritan’s Purse with your prayers. Please continue to lift up our teams on the ground in Italy.

An Inside Look

Want to read more about the setup of our Emergency Field Hospital in Cremona, Italy? Visit our website.

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3 Replies to “Fighting Fear: Devotions with Edward Graham”

  1. Rev Billy Graham would never have invoked the Judas reference. He supported the presidents quietly. You did that for attention. Please take a step back and stay with your mission, not current politics.

  2. Hello, and God Bless Samaritan’s Purse.
    As an Area Coordinator for Operations Christmas Child in Appomattox VA, Mid-Atlantic South.
    Was wondering if their was anything that can be done for the children that are being held at the borders with no parents. Some way, some how to be able to present the Gospel and a shoebox to them. I know thisay not be the correct place to type this, just couldn’t find any place else. I don’t twitter, I don’t instagram. Just facebook and www and texting.
    Anyway God Bless and if this is going to be done our Lord Jesus Christ will find away.
    Wally Wood
    Here to serve with Jesus

    1. Hi Wally,

      Thank you for your comment. You can email your request for help along the border to to see if one of our team members are able to help in that capacity. God Bless!

      –Samaritan’s Purse Podcast Team

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